Client for Hangouts gets a new icon and Ink tool!


Version number:

Share your emotions using drawings. Hangouts gets Ink tool.
Also PRO and Free version of Client for Hangouts are now available with new icons.

Try it right now and tell us your impressions! 🙂

client for hangouts updated with ink tool

Previous version:
– Stickers.
– Sync contacts with People application.
– Saving unsent messages.
– Fixed a bug with authorization.
– Search for contacts by the phone number.
– The ability to share links to a group chat.
– Displaying the progress of sending images.
– The ability to share an image from the page, where it viewed.
– Support for the Belarusian language.
– Fixed bugs the previous version.
– Improved performance.


Thank you for choosing Client for Hangouts!

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