Get quick access to any device info with new Device Manager!


Device Manager is a user-friendly app that displays detailed device characteristics. You can get full information about your operating system, processor, display, battery, network, connected external devices and much more.

Moreover Device Manager generates text reports, with the ability to take notes there. Created reports can be printed and shared.

Stop this exhausting quest in search for device data! With Device Manager you can easily get the right information when you need it!

App Features:

  • Providing full information about the device: general information, characteristics of a system, display, CPU, OS, battery, data about network and connected devices, etc.
  • Copying all data and selected information.
  • Export all data or selected information into a text document.
  • Ability to print the report.
  • Ink tool. The ability to take notes in the report, save the edited file in .png and share the edited picture.

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile



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