New update of Client for Hangouts is already available! Try new features!


If you are looking for the most convenient app to communicate you should try Client for Hangouts. Especially as its new improved version is already available in the Windows Store!



New version of Client for Hangouts includes the following features:

  1. Send pictures and photos from the camera. Now you can fully convey your emotions and impression not only with smiles, but also using funny photos or just beautiful images you would like to share.
  1. Cancel sending the message. This feature will be useful if you change your mind to send something. You will see a cross next to the message while it is sending – use this cross to cancel the sending.
  1. Saving the send queue. This feature will help you not to miss anything from your one-on-one conversation or group chat, even in case of problems with sending some message. It will be very useful when you have poor internet connection.

Try new version of Client for Hangouts right now!


Communicate easy with Hangouts! 😉

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